One More (Possibly Unusual) Info Request

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The Ukrainian who sits next to me says there's a free Russian newspaper
(for ex-pats here) which you can pick up in the free-magazine boxes outside
some tube-stations. We know that Borough has one, if that's anywhere near
you. He also found this place, by Google-ing, in Russian, - which is in Goodge Street

If you're after a grocery store (and I *think* that's what the one in
Hounslow is) - this maybe more convenient

I grew up in Hounslow (well, Heston, which is next to it) and I'm not sure
it's worth the trip out there!

On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 8:47 AM, Randy J. Ray <rjray at> wrote:

> First off, thanks to everyone who helped out with sight-seeing
> suggestions. This visit to London has been much more enlightening (and
> exhausting) than my previous trips. Bletchley and the Wallace Collection in
> particular have been highlights.
> I'm setting out for the Soane Museum shortly, and plan on spending the
> rest of the day doing some odd shopping rather than more museums (I'm just
> about at the saturation point, culture-wise). There's a highly-regarded
> classical music store near Oxford Circus stop that I'm dying to check out,
> amongst other things.
> But here's the (possibly unusual) request part: I've been studying Russian
> for a bit, and would like to find and visit an area with a preponderance of
> Russian businesses. Not to practice, goodness no, I'm still very weak at
> it. Rather, I wanted to snap some photos and possibly find a
> semi-Russian-themed souvenir for my Russian teacher. For lack of a better
> example, a neighborhood like the one depicted in "Eastern Promises", where
> I would see a lot of Cyrillic on the storefronts, and I might find the
> local Russian-language newspapers.
> I have a single lead, to a store called "USSR" (because, apparently,
> creativity in naming is less important over here?) in Hounslow, near the
> Hounslow Central station. If all else fails, I can go there. But I don't
> know if there's a full-on neighborhood of Russian businesses there, or just
> the one.
> Randy
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