One More (Possibly Unusual) Info Request

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Wed Nov 6 14:08:13 GMT 2013

On 11/6/13 9:49 AM, Matt Freake wrote:
> The Ukrainian who sits next to me says there's a free Russian newspaper
> (for ex-pats here) which you can pick up in the free-magazine boxes outside
> some tube-stations. We know that Borough has one, if that's anywhere near
> you. He also found this place, by Google-ing, in Russian, -
> which is in Goodge Street

Oh, excellent! Not only is it considerably closer, *I* might find 
something interesting there, as well as something for my teacher.

> I grew up in Hounslow (well, Heston, which is next to it) and I'm not sure
> it's worth the trip out there!

Moot point... as I was out going to the Soane Museum (*really* great 
suggestion, folks!) they announced that a section of the Picadilly line 
is closed due to an accident ("person under the train"). That section 
includes the Hounslow Central station. It might be re-opened now, but 
with this closer place I think I'll avoid the longer trip. (Plus, I 
think the Oyster Card I got is limited to zones 1 & 2... I'd have to put 
more into it to go to zone 4.)

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