One More (Possibly Unusual) Info Request

Dave Cross dave at
Wed Nov 6 09:54:59 GMT 2013

Quoting "Randy J. Ray" <rjray at>:

> But here's the (possibly unusual) request part: I've been studying  
> Russian for a bit, and would like to find and visit an area with a  
> preponderance of Russian businesses. Not to practice, goodness no,  
> I'm still very weak at it. Rather, I wanted to snap some photos and  
> possibly find a semi-Russian-themed souvenir for my Russian teacher.  
> For lack of a better example, a neighborhood like the one depicted  
> in "Eastern Promises", where I would see a lot of Cyrillic on the  
> storefronts, and I might find the local Russian-language newspapers.

Wikipedia has a good piece on the locations used in Eastern Promises.

But I'm not a regular enough visitor to those part of London to know  
whether they actually have the kinds of business you're looking for.



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