Minification and concatenation of CSS and Javascript (with Plack?)

Pierre M piemas25 at
Mon Nov 25 17:28:06 GMT 2013

Cheers for these details Mark :-) I might end up doing something similar. I
haven't had time to play with this today. It will come back on top of my
priority list soon.

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On 25 November 2013 16:54, Mark Stringer <mark at> wrote:

> Plack::App::MCCS doesn't concatenate the files unfortunately. We do that
> during our build process, by combining the minified files it has produced,
> and use config to determine whether to call the concatenated files
> (production) or not (development - in order to aid debugging).
> On 11/24/2013 12:49 AM, Pierre M wrote:
>> Ok, now I've tried
>> Plack::Middleware::Assets<
>> Middleware::Assets>with
>> the right list of files but nothing seems to happen:
>>   - the chrome dev tools don't indicate that the files have been minified
>> or
>> concatenated (which might be normal as it's happening server-side?)
>>   - the page loading time doesn't improve; while when i concatenated the
>> files manually, the loading time decreased significantly.
>> I've also tried Plack::App::MCCS
>> <>by doing
>>      my $app = builder {
>>          # Loading some Plack::Middlewares...
>>          MyApp->dance;
>>      }
>>      builder {
>>          mount '/public' => Plack::App::MCCS->new(root => '/public');
>>          mount '/' => $app;
>>      }
>> which gives a similar result.
>> I probably did something wrong (but not wrong enough that the app doesn't
>> run). I might end up putting some print statements inside these modules,
>> to
>> see what's going on. Sleepy time now. I'll investigate further on Monday.
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>> I check email a couple times daily; to reach me sooner, you can send me a
>> text message via this page:
>> On 23 November 2013 23:47, Pierre M <piemas25 at> wrote:
>>  does the exemple in the docs, or t/basic.t in the distribution not point
>>> you in the right direction?  Is there something missing from the docs
>>> that
>>> is causing you pain?
>>> Haha! I'm remembering now what I thought last week: my files are not all
>>> in the same folder, so I have to list them all first. I had tried
>>> <**/*.css> and the wildcard didn't work; I left that in the code last
>>> week,
>>> and this week assumed it did work. Sorry for a question whose answer I
>>> had.
>>> Plack::App::MCCS <> seems good.
>>> How to you use it with a Dancer2 app? (what is $app in the case of a
>>> Dancer2 app?)

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