ANNOUNCE: Pre-LPW social

Martin A. Brooks martin at
Thu Nov 28 18:58:49 GMT 2013


No-one volunteered to organise a pre-LPW social, so it didn't happen.  I therefore invoke the power of the temporary one-time used-only-in-duress pub tzar hat to announce...... 

The Pre-LPW Social 2013!

We shall congregate at Dirty Dicks from 1900 til late.

This pub is very easy to find and has a large upstairs area which is easy to take over, so we shall do so.  Go to Liverpool Street mainline station, look for the high numbered platforms at the west end of the station.  Go up the stairs or escalator, straight over the pedestrian crossing and turn left, Dirty Dicks is a few minutes walk up the road.

There are plenty of places to eat nearby across the whole gamut of expensiveness.  The pub itself serves food, and is okay if a little pricey.

I cannot personally attend due to Daddy Duty, so I need a volunteer. I will pay for the first £100 of drinks and I need someone to act as a wallet for me on the evening.  I will pay you back in cash at LPW, but you _must_ get a receipt.  Mail me to volunteer.

Perl Mongers are quite easy to spot, they're the ones that look like perl mongers.  If you're upstairs in Dirty Dicks and there are no PMs there, then you're probably the first person to arrive, sit tight. :)

Good luck, and I hope it's fun.  Please spread this notice to appropriate fora.

The Temporary One-Time Used-Only-In-Duress Pub Tzar 

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