One off job helping with Linux partition

Guinevere Nell guinevere.nell at
Thu Jan 9 19:34:32 GMT 2014

Hi all,
I am a latent perl programmer (was in the day, YAPC 19100, etc) -
 it's been a few, um 5 or 6, years since i have coded regularly - and I've
just tried installing Ubuntu on my windows 8 machine with no success - had
no cd drive and it complained and then won't let me boot in -
but, hopefully I have not lost my files - I did a back up first...
Anyway, unless i can find an easy answer and fix myself, I would pay a
reasonable price for in person help recovering my data and getting two
partitions in place, win 8 and either Ubuntu, Debian, or some other flavour
of Linux ... Asking here because I trust perl mongers, and would rather
have help from a perl programmer who could get me in shape to resume
programming on Linux and teach me while helping... Any takers? I'm thinking
range of 50-100 quid depending how long it takes...
Thanks all!


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