One off job helping with Linux partition

James Laver james.laver at
Thu Jan 9 19:50:15 GMT 2014

On 9 Jan 2014, at 19:34, Guinevere Nell <guinevere.nell at> wrote:

> Hi all,


I’m having a little bit of difficulty following here.

> I am a latent perl programmer (was in the day, YAPC 19100, etc) -
> it's been a few, um 5 or 6, years since i have coded regularly - and I've
> just tried installing Ubuntu on my windows 8 machine with no success - had
> no cd drive and it complained and then won't let me boot in -

Are you saying that you do not have a CD drive? How did you try and install umbongo without one - usb key? Or are you instead saying that you booted into umbongo, it told you you didn’t have a CD drive then kicked you out and now you can’t get back in to either OS?

If you’ve got a backup, how did you take it? Assuming everything you require is in that backup, I think you should be able to sort this out yourself without too much hassle. So the questions:
- How many partitions are currently on that disk?
- Are any of them bootable at all?
- How did you attempt the installation? USB key?
- Which image did you download and how did you write that to whatever installation medium?
- Do you have a CD drive?
- Does the backup have all of the files you need?


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