Recommended IDE...?

Dominic Thoreau dominic at
Sat Jan 18 11:57:28 GMT 2014

People said things:

> >>>
> >>> no-administrator-access
> >>
> >>
> >> "I don't trust you".
> >>
> >>> Windows
> >>
> >>
> >> "I don't like you".
> >>
> >> If you're trying to develop software in such a hostile environment, no
> >> amount of support from the editor is going to help you.
> >
> > Welcome to 2014.  I work in the same environment as do the majority of
> > people who work commercially in large companies as opposed to hobbyist
> > programmers at home.
> not knowing you personally, I do take this quite offensive.
> > To me a locked down Windows desktop without local admin access is no
> > obstacle since all I need is a browser (Firefox portable) and SSH
> > client (putty) to access a UNIX system where I do have root access.
> as if 'using a crappy windows environment' is a sign of professionalism
> as opposed to
> tons of programmers and developers that actually maintain Perl itself and
> the bulk amount of CPAN
> that either work on their fancy MacBooks
> or work on some Linux configure laptop with multiple VMs

And here we have, in a nutshell (TM) the reason why a large portion of the
IT community thinks perl is in decline.

Some one came in, asked a question, and a slanging match ensued.

This is not what the community needs. We need to encourage people, not bite
their heads off.

Grow up, all of you!

And a big "Hiya" goes out to the fun crew from GCHQ.

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