FOSDEM trip / accomodation / etc... drforr at
Wed Jan 22 16:59:26 GMT 2014

On 2014-01-21 14:32, Andrew Beverley wrote:
> On Mon, 2014-01-20 at 23:30 +0000, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans wrote:
>> So it seems at somewhat last-minute I'm going to FOSDEM to do a Perl
>> talk.
>> Anyone been before? I'm looking for recommendations on travel and
>> where to stay.
> Previously I've actually just gone for one day, out and back on the 
> same
> day using the Eurostar. I missed the first hour or so, so depends what
> time your talk is, but if you're pushed for time/money it's an option.
> The first/last trains still look relatively cheap, at about £60 each
> way.
> Be warned that the queues for the tram/metro in Brussels can be
> horrendous, so best buying your tickets on the Eurostar if possible!

I'm booked at Hotel Mozart (;dcid=1 
) which is pretty close to the *important* venue (that is to say, the 
bars.) I think it was roughly £120 for the 3 days I'll be there, I'm 
going early because (a) I saved £60+ on tickets and (b) I've got a bit 
of tourism to do - I've never gotten out toward the Atomium and there's 
a neat-looking puzzle shop I saw on the cab ride back from the venue 
last year. I don't remember problems with the trams in Brussels, even at 
FOSDEM 2012 when I nearly had to turn around at the .nl border due to 
snow. It was pretty much a matter of getting to Brussels Midi and 
waiting for the Eurostar queue on the way back, after a bit of running 
around for kriek.

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