NLPW - Dutch Perl Workshop 2014 - 25 April 2014

Wendy G.A. van Dijk at
Thu Apr 3 15:53:28 BST 2014

In 3 weeks the Dutch Perl Workshop will take place in Utrecht, the 
most central (and 4th largest city) of The Netherlands.

We will have two tracks: one (mostly) in Dutch, one in English.  The 
subjects will vary as always.  Among the speakers will be some 
well-known Perl Mongers.  To mention some: Jonathan Worthington, Matt 
S. Trout, DrForr, Sawyer X, Leon Timmermans, myself, Liz Mattijsen, Tux

Proposals for talks of 20 minutes and of 40 minutes and still welcome.
Send your proposals (and questions) to the main organiser,  Theo van 
Hoesel ( theo at ).

The famous library of Perl-books will be there, as will be the 
camel.  There will be plenty of tuits, buttons, stickers and 
brochures for grabs.   There will be Perl-books for sale from 
O'Reilly, Wrox, No Starch and Onyx Neon, and also Mugs of Perl, toy 
soft camels.

The evening before, April 24th, we will have a nice eat and drink, 
and after the workshop we will have an even nicer eat & drink at 
Lebowski, a nice Grand Cafe.

Utrecht in The Netherlands is a nice old city, with canals, many 
(student-) bars and restaurants, pretty architecture, shops.  The 
workshop will take place in the University of Humanistic Studies of 
Utrecht, which is itself something very special (nice building, nice 
college rooms, extraordinary topics).

Hope to meet you there.  Visit the website, register, come, learn, 
teach, enjoy.

Kind regards,

Wendy van Dijk

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