Dim Sum tomorrow Joy King Lau

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Thu May 15 13:11:40 BST 2014

Quoting Chris Jack <chris_jack at msn.com>:

> Sue Spence wrote
>> It's been a month or so since the last Thursday dim sum, so I would like to
>> propose meeting up for some dumplings, steamed buns and other tasty treats.
> FYI: I'm on the digest form of the list and it turned up in my email  
> at Thursday 12:10pm which is a bit late to decide to go.
> I'm not precisely sure the algorithm the list digest uses to decide  
> when to send things out but I would guess it's something along the  
> lines of which ever is the sooner of
>  - 24 hours after a post is received
>  - more than a certain number of posts are received
> Aka - maybe send these things out on Tuesday...

There's london.pm-announce, which exists for people who want  
announcements of important stuff (like dim sum) without all the chat.

But, as Joel points out, the raw list doesn't have anywhere near the  
traffic that it used to have[1].


[1] Before Perl died :-)

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