Regex to match odd numbers

Joel Bernstein joel at
Tue May 27 16:43:59 BST 2014

Surely you only need to examine the right-most digit to know if the number
is odd? Your special requirement to (AIUI) consider 0..7 as even isn't
difficult to add.


On 27 May 2014 16:22, David Cantrell <david at> wrote:

> As part of the nasty mess that is CPANdeps, I have this line of code:
> $record->{is_dev_perl} = (
>   $record->{perl} =~ /(^5\.(7|9|11|13|15|17|19|21)|rc|patch)/i
> ) ? 1 : 0;
> I'd like to not have to remember to add 23 to the list in a year or so's
> time. Can anyone think of a nice way of matching any odd number from 7
> upwards?  Obviously it's easy to do in a coupla lines of perl code
> instead of a regex, so I'm asking more out of curiosity than because I
> actually need it.
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