Call for talks: upcoming technical meeting

Sue Spence virtuallysue at
Tue Jun 24 12:53:48 BST 2014

Hi all,

We are hoping to be able to hold a technical meeting fairly soon, the
details are still being ironed out.  Do we have any speakers out there who
would like to share what they are doing with Perl?  There are a lot of
things we'd like to hear about, such as:

- Today I Learned (something new  to you about Perl or a technology built
with Perl)
- Technical Debt Reduction (war stories from your work experience,
especially with a happy ending)
- Personal projects for which you used Perl in some way
- Perl 6 and/or its triumvirate of supported virtual machine back ends
(Parrot, Moar, JVM)

... or indeed anything else that you think we might want to hear about.

This would be an excellent practice session for YAPC::EU 2014, for anyone
planning to give a talk there. New speakers are also especially encouraged
to come forward with a talk idea, as we are going to a wonderfully
supportive audience (OR ELSE!) :-)

If you have any questions or want to discuss a talk proposal please contact
me directly via email (mailto:virtuallysue at or DM on irc.


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