Deploying perl code

Andrew Beverley andy at
Fri Jul 25 11:23:56 BST 2014

On Fri, 2014-07-25 at 12:08 +0200, James Laver wrote:
> On 25 Jul 2014, at 11:54, Andrew Beverley <andy at> wrote:
> > The main problem is that it seems to be a victim of its own success:
> > there is a huge backlog of merge requests. I'd like to provide some
> > simple patches to a couple of modules to make them work better for me,
> > but have little hope that they'd be merged this side of Christmas. I
> > provided a really simple patch a while ago - it's not been touched and
> > now no longer merges cleanly.
> I won’t even try and submit a patch after my experience reporting a
> documentation bug. I was at the time regularly tweeting with their CTO,
> so I let him know on twitter. He then pointed me at the bug tracker,
> where I proceeded to file my bug. Immediately, ‘ansibot’ informed me
> that my bug would be closed in a few days if I didn’t reformat my bug
> to correspond with their designated format for bugs, which included
> such things as “steps to reproduce” (because you know, we all have
> difficulty reproducing documentation bugs). I think the only way I
> actually got that doc bug fixed was by complaining loudly and
> repetitively on twitter about how ridiculous their processes are, but
> they showed absolutely no willing to make it easier to contribute
> towards their projects, so I’m showing absolutely no willing to help
> them grow their company.

And therein proves my point. I'd love to fork it, but that's not going
to help of course.

They'd do themselves a massive favour by splitting out the modules à la

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