CPANTS and CPAN Testers (Was: Open/Free BSD users -- help needed to fix Test::PostgreSQL)

Smylers Smylers at
Mon Aug 11 19:26:27 BST 2014

Tom Hukins writes:

> CPAN Testers ... the database also benefits from lots of people
> running tests on lots of different systems.  It's worth considering
> whether you want to run it on your development system or a build
> machine: it's not just for high volume automated smokers.

Or, if you're a cpanm user, simply run cpanm-reporter shortly after each
time you install — or fail to install — a module.

cpanm-reporter is very easy to use, even if you know nothing about Cpan
Testers or what reporting test results involves. On first run it asks a
few easy questions, such as for your email address; thereafter it just

Install it with:

  $ cpanm App::cpanminus::reporter


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