London PM Hack Day Tomorrow - Perl 6 suggestions

Steve Mynott steve.mynott at
Fri Sep 19 08:45:57 BST 2014

A reminder there is a London PM Hack Day tomorrow afternoon at the
London Hackspace where people can work on whatever Perl they want.

My main interest currently, and I hope this is shared by some others,
is Perl 6 (which is in a state of rapid and exciting flux currently)

It uses github which makes it easy to help also the Perl 6 people are
very open to patches and the bar to entry is low.

and here are some suggestions also at

* building Rakudo/Moar on exotic platforms (main support currently is
Windows, Linux and MacOS X with *BSDs lagging a bit)

* writing test coverage for fixed tickets under (very easy)


(click through XSS false positive if you see one)

* porting a Perl 5 module to Perl 6

- a great way to get started since the result is generally cleaner and
clearer code (although it is currently slower in most cases)

- current modules at

* fixing bugs/tests for existing perl6 modules

* more complex raduko fixes (or MoarVM even) - although this needs
more knowledge of Perl 6 internals

* anything else

4096R/EA75174B Steve Mynott <steve.mynott at>

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