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Mark Fowler mark at
Fri Sep 19 16:21:56 BST 2014

Hi Kieren,

(removed sydney-pm to avoid cross posting problems)

First up there's a couple of solutions on the CPAN that you might want to
take a look at to see if they're helpful: (which I've used) (which I haven't)

If neither of these are wonderful solutions then the other option that I
might consider instead of subclassing Apache2::Request is that you mock the
entire thing yourself (i.e. write a class from scratch that has the same
interface.)  If necessary you could even call this Apache2::Request and
make sure it's loaded instead of the real Apache2::Request (either by
calling it Apache2/ and putting it somewhere in @INC before the
real one, or by putting the code at the bottom of another module you ensure
you load before Apache2::Request is loaded.



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