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The hatch isn't in the TARDIS ceiling,  but it's from Destiny of the Daleks towards the end of episode 2. I don't have a link, but there might be one.

In 'Dalek' (6th story of season 1 of the new series), a Dalek says 'elevate' and then does so. Don't know of a linkable clip, but there might be one. They routinely hover in later stories.

Note that a Dalek hovers up stairs at the end of episode 1 of Remembrance of the Daleks, and rises with the aid of an anti-gravity disc in episode 4 of Planet of the Daleks. It's strongly implied that stairs aren't actually a problem for them in other stories - e.g. The Chase, where one appears on the upper deck of a boat where the only sensible way for it to have got there is hovering up stairs. 

Hope this helps. Am at work, so less able to track down clips.

On 8 October 2014 11:19:04 BST, Nicholas Clark <nick at> wrote:
>Dear Dr Who experts (I'm sure that there are many here)...
>IIRC there's a scene in an episode of Dr Who (in Tom Baker's time)
>the Doctor escapes by climbing up through a hatch in the TARDIS
>calling down a one liner to the Daleks stuck below just before he
>closes it
>1) Am I remembering this correctly?
>2) If so, is a clip of this online somewhere, in an easily linkable
>form? *
>Further, my understanding is that in the more recent episodes, the
>have figured out how to overcome their previous inability to cope with
>stairs, ladders, etc, uttering "levitate" before doing exactly that.
>3) Is there a representative clip of this online?
>Nicholas Clark
>* please don't post links to places that would make Auntie upset.

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