in town 28-30 nov - emergency meetup?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Fri Nov 21 15:43:05 GMT 2014

>>>>> "Sue" == Sue Spence <virtuallysue at> writes:

Sue> You are going to be very near the London Hackspace, which has fantastic
Sue> wifi and welcomes guests. The LHS favoured pub is the Sebright Arms on
Sue> Hackney Road. As I work in the area I'll have a look at the current
Sue> condition of the pubs already mentioned.  Then I will schedule something,
Sue> if nobody else beats me to it.

That would be awesome.  I will defer to your local knowledge.

Neil and I would love to be working for an extended period of time in a
place that has hard liquor and wifi.  We're even willing to travel a bit
in an Uber cab if needed, but within walking distance would be great.
We'll have most of Friday and Saturday to work, and if it turns out to
also be the meetup place, I will make the appropriate announcements to
my FLOSS Weekly audience as well.  (Had a good mix last time.)

The place of the last meetup had decent wifi and was a few steps from my
hotel.  That's probably the upper limit of satisfaction. :)

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