[ANNOUNCE] Croydon.pm

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Thu Jul 27 15:15:36 BST 2006

Remember, the value of your Croydon.pm can go up as well as down.  But
it mostly goes down.  Failure to keep up repayments on Croydon.pm may
result in the revocation of your piss-head licence.

Meet at the Dog n Bull pub, Surrey St, from 6-ish onwards.  Food at some
random restaurant around 8.

>From central London ... trains from Farringdon, Blackfriars, London
Bridge, Victoria and a meeelion other places go to East Croydon.  Get a
tram from the front of the station heading towards either West Croydon
or Wimbledon.  Get off at the first stop.  Walk further along the route of
the tram (you'll know where that is because it's the big red thing you just
got out of, which rolls along metal strips set into the road surface
using arcane and mysterious arts), down a steep hill, and Surrey St will
be on your left.  The pub is on the right hand side of the road.

>From West Croydon, walk south through the pedestrianised area until you
hit the tram tracks.  Turn right down the steep hill, thus reducing the
problem to one we solved earlier.

>From Wimbledon, get a tram to West Croydon.

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