"The Case for File Swapping"

Peter Hickman peter at semantico.com
Thu Nov 17 14:24:41 GMT 2005

Shlomi Fish wrote:

>non-commercial distribution of a copyrighted 
>work that was released to the public in some form, is ethical, moral and 
>should be legal.
'Computers' and 'Moral' has a strange ring to it, how about 'Hedge 
trimmers' and 'Moral'. Moral and Ethical are very bad words to be read 
in relation to computers as they seems to be closely followed by Duty.

>Meanwhile, it was rejected from Slashdot (not that it surprised me that it 
A slashdot rejection is not a badge of honour. Although I suspect that 
it was rejected because your article was merely using file sharing to 
rant and do some karma whoring. You said nothing new and showed no new 
data. Also using fancy words like 'milliard' when you would have been 
clearer saying 'billion' (http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Milliard.html) 
might make people think you were a kook.

Wouldn't want people to think that would we now?

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