ADSL providers

Andrew Beattie andrew at
Thu Dec 1 16:51:30 GMT 2005

IvorW wrote:

>I need to source an ISP for somebody that needs to change.

1) Check out

I did, years ago and picked Nildram.  There were very good reasons to 
pick them back then and their service was excellent when I needed it to 
be.  They have been bought by a larger fish since then, but I've had no 
reason to complain.  I've had Nildram ADSL to three different addresses 
now and I would pick them again.

I dealt with PlusNet, for 24x7 phone service (back before ADSL was 
available), they left a foul taste in my mouth - I wouldn't touch them 
again with a barge pole.

My boss just installed BT ADSL and had to fight with them for three 
months to get it working - they were impressively clueless at times.


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