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David Cantrell david at
Thu Dec 1 17:10:57 GMT 2005

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 04:51:30PM +0000, Andrew Beattie wrote:

> I did, years ago and picked Nildram.  There were very good reasons to 
> pick them back then and their service was excellent when I needed it to 
> be.  They have been bought by a larger fish since then, but I've had no 
> reason to complain.

I have.  While the service still Just Works, their customer support is
now not good enough.  eg, I send an email asking for a copy of the zone
files for the domains they are doing DNS for for me, and they send back
a screenshot of some stupid windows thing which only shows some of the
data.  Sorry, but if they are competent to understand what a zone file
is (they obviously are, given that they actually understood that I
wanted copies of my DNS data), then they should damned well provide a
zone file like what the customer asked for.

>                      I've had Nildram ADSL to three different addresses 
> now and I would pick them again.

I won't pick them again.  The only reason I'm still with them is

Has anyone used Bytemark's DSL service?

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