ADSL providers

Dave Cross dave at
Sat Dec 3 18:06:33 GMT 2005

[ Re-ordered to make sense ]
Raphael Mankin wrote:
> On 03-Dec-2005 Dave Cross wrote:
>> Paul Makepeace wrote:
>>> To their credit Nildram have automatically a) put the line speed 
>>> up to 2MBps b) dropped the price to what's quoted on the website.
>> Demon have also increased my line speed to 2 Mb. Not sure about the
>>  price tho'. Need to check that.
> With Demon you need to phone then up and do some shouting. They will 
> then drop your price *and* refund you what they have over-charged. 
> And while you are about it, write a ltter to your local trading 
> standards office. The more people who lodge complaints with them the
> better.

Having checked, it seems that I am getting the current price. I get 
charged £300/yr which seems to be 12 times the advertised monthly charge 
of £25. Unless I'm missing a cheaper rate somewhere on their site.


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