[JOB] E-commerce in Bayswater

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Tue Jan 17 16:03:16 GMT 2006

This came though the the admin list. I mailed back the recruiter for         
more details and he responded quickly to my questions so I'm passing it      
on here.                                                                     
I expect the usual round of hooting and faeces flinging. And who knows?      
Maybe the magic roulette wheel of banning may strike you this time. Do       
you feel lucky? Well, do you?                                                
----- Forwarded message -----                                                
I work for a recruitment firm who is non IT but I have done IT               
Recruitment in the past.                                                     
I am seeking a Perl Developer in Baystware - one contract for 2 months       
(maybe longer) on 25-30 UKP per hour and one permanent on 35,000 UKP         
My client is seeking a Perl Developer with minimum 3 years experience to     
become the primary point of contact for all enhancements, problem            
resolution, and requests with in-house warehouse, stock, order and           
customer management application.                                             
This will include:                                                           
*  Front end HTML                                                            
*  Mod-Perl middle                                                           
*  Bespoke Java applets                                                      
*  Ongoing Development Work                                                  
A large component of this role will be to integrate closely with the         
Operations team to ensure that their order management software is            
tightly aligned with their process flows and requirements                    
Essential Skills & Requirements                                              
*  Minimum 3 years Perl/Mod-Perl development in a process-driven             
*  Experience in translating user requirements into technical 
*  Particular experience of as many of the following as possible:            
- Perl                                                                       
- Mod-Perl                                                                   
- PostgreSQL                                                                 
- MySQL                                                                      
- Apache                                                                     
- Red Hat Linux                                                              
- Java                                                                       
*  Articulate with good writing skills                                       
*  Healthy dose of common sense and initiative a plus.                       
*  Great sense of humour and attitude                                        
Any help is appriciated.  Could you send this to some of your members.       
Daniel Heath                                                                 
TRI Consulting Ltd                                                           
Appleton House                                                               
139 King Street                                                              
W6 9JG                                                                       
Email:   danielh at triconsulting.net                                           
Tel:     020 8846 3939                                                       
Direct:  020 8846 3907                                                       
Fax:     020 8846 3940                                                       
Mobile:  07968 956526                                                        
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