[JOB] Part-Time SQL/Perl/Linux

Damon Davison damon.davison at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 19:21:48 GMT 2006

Hello Mongers,

Southern Records is looking for a part-time SQL/Perl/Linux type who’d  
like to spend a few afternoons (15 hours) a week giving us a hand  
with the development of a music database and some related  
technologies. This is tied to a project for an initial six months,  
but the project and the position may be extended after review.

This position would be ideal for a student looking to gain some  
experience. You will need some experience with SQL and Perl—our staff  
can probably teach you the rest. You’ll be working at a small office  
for a venerable independent record group with a studio, a label, and  
a distribution company in our Wood Green office in North London.

Those sensitive to incredibly loud rock music need not apply.

Please send your CV and a few sentences introducing yourself to

'at' symbol
full stop

With “part-time SQL/Perl/Linux” in the subject line.

The application deadline is Monday, 30 January.


Damon Allen Davison


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