[ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] Thursday, 2nd of February - The Prince Arthur, Euston

Nigel Rantor wiggly at wiggly.org
Fri Jan 20 13:33:05 GMT 2006

Simon Wistow wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 11:59:47AM +0000, Nigel Rantor said:
>>Bah! Simon, that sounds like far too much work for someone who is about 
>>(already?) to become the Beloved Leader(TM).
> Unless someone gets nominated betwene now and Sunday. Heh, you don't 
> want to be leader do you? ;)

*LDNSOK* fuck no. I wouldn't say no to senior taster on the l.food 
recipe collection of course *yum*

>>Find a few rabid devotees of Catalyst/Maypole/et cetera and challenge 
>>them thusly :
>>"Oh, yeah, I was going to use X but I'm not sure it would be able to 
>>handle it, I'm going to use Y instead."
> I have, unfortunately, already tried this trying to get people to write 
> a web frontend for Siesta. It's, err, not worked. Clearly mind Jedi Mind 
> tricks aren't up to scratch.

Hmm...that surprises me, maybe it means people are just a lot more 
willing to talk crap about other people's code than to go and do 
something to prove it, oh, hold on...*lightbulb*


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