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Fri Feb 17 16:14:32 GMT 2006

McGlinchy, Alistair <Alistair.McGlinchy at> wrote:
> Given that the barrels add so much to the flavour of whisky, what does
> whisky aged less than 3 years actually taste like? I'm imagining something
> closer to vodka.

Yes. The process is pretty much the same as you would use to make bad
quality vodka. The leaving around in barrels is to make it slightly less
toxic so people outside of Easterhouse will drink it.

I'm currently working through the Ardbeg Uigedail and the Balvenie PortWood
and DoubleWood. The port cask finish of the Balvenie does make quite an
interesting little drink.

One handy thing about single malts is that even the most incompetent
landlord can't do much to ruin it, compared to the vile things they manage
to do to bitter.

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