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Thu Feb 23 13:41:18 GMT 2006

Chris Benson <chrisb at> wrote:
> Something that might be worth looking at is's
> SlimServer with the AlienBBC plugin. They do v.nice hardware but the
> SlimServer is useful in it's own right.

> The AlienBBC plugin can handle getting of audio feeds from the Beeb (and
> other places), what it does with them is controlled by a text
> configuration file.

The BBC's Real streams are poor quality, and incomplete. DAB isn't much
better. I'm specifically interested in the DVB-T stream, which is most
certainly not streamable off the Internet.

DVB-S would be better, but I'm unlikely to be able to stick up a Wall Wok,
and it'd also attract the attention of TV Licensing.

>> The BBC's Realplayer and podcast feeds are very poor quality and quite
>> tiring to listen to, as well as not providing 100% coverage.
> But it getting what's available from Listen Again etc.

There's no content on Listen Again that isn't already available OTA. Disk is
cheap, so I'd just have the DVB-T to podcast gateway record 24/7 for me to
pick from later.

A 200GB disk could hold a whole month of the three radio stations I'm
interested in.

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