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Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at ntlworld.com
Sat Feb 25 00:42:45 GMT 2006

Roger Burton West wrote:
> play the games that everyone knows are the only
> reason anyone ever gets a high-speed connection at home.

I thought torrents and downloading iso's[0] were the only reason people
wanted fast DSL?

[rant alert!]

Also - why would ANYONE want to put a windog box directly onto the
net? Perhaps they should stick suicide pills in the card packaging
- IMHO using the card amounts to machine suicide.

Having suffered a lightning strike (well the side effects) I have seen
a BT USB DSL doofus fry (complete with smoke) and the USB and NIC cards
go "pop". The machine is still working (just), but an internal card
would have meant a fried mbrd - expensive!

Given that a standalone, firewalled NAT'd DSL/wired/less box only costs
~50UKP or so why would anyone pay slightly less for a "dumb" card
and take so many additional risks?

Mind you this is just as true for winmodems - and they are JUST as 
dangerous. I have had to explain to family members why they should NOT
connect up the 'phone' socket on thier computer to thier phone line.
It seems that people feel that because the socket is there, they should
stick something in it - IMHO a good reason to remove winmodem cards from
most if not all machines.


[0] all they will admit to - dare I mention pron?

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