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On za 25 mrt 2006 12:46:04 GMT, Simon Wistow wrote:
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> I'm in the market for a cheap laptop and I've been looking at the Dell 
> Inspiron 630M and I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with 
> them. Specifically:
> - what are the laptops like in general to use?
> - what's the screen like?
> - the one I'm looking at has a 1.7GhZ Pentium M. I've never used a 
>   Pentium M before ... are they ridiculously anaemic?
> - is 512Mb of RAM too little for it?
> - what's the battery life like? Both as in "how long can it last between 
>   charges?" and "do you need a new battery after a year because it 
>   doesn't even hold enough charge to boot wihtout mains like certain 
>   other brands *cough* Vaios* cough*"
> - what's the customer experience like with the Dell Outlet store?
> plus any general comments about Dell and/or suggestions for other good 
> circa 500 quid laptops would be appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Simon

between my family, friends and myself, we have had nothing but troubles with Dell laptops (screen failures, screen hinge problems, keyboards, and more), and poor service from them to boot. I was happiest with my Thinkpad T-series, while not the cheapest, certainly worth the slightly higher cost. My thinkpad travelled through Asia twice (in a backpack), once through Tibet on a touring bike and only met its demise through my own fault. Mine (both) have always been purchased second hand, refurbished (for around 650 euros).


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