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Mon Mar 27 17:51:00 BST 2006

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, Robert Shiels wrote:
> Jacqui Caren wrote:
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> > FYI: I only hear complaints from customers about dell kit.
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> Most people with a decent laptop don't say anything - the complaints get 
> all the press.
> I have a personal Dell laptop - it's in it's third year, gets used 
> everyday, and has given no problems.(Latitude X200 - very light)

Regarding the Inspiron's battery life:  It should last long enough to 
watch a 100-minute DVD.  Less intensive computing should give you a 
battery life of 2-3 hours.  Dell has an extended battery available for 
this model (9-cell, US$99 more than the 6-cell) which will give you more 
battery life.

Dell batteries overall are perhaps 75% reliable, with the other 25% dying 
anywhere from 1 month to more than a year later.  I have had good luck 
with the batteries on my D600, which I believe uses the same battery type 
as the Inspiron 630M.

It used to be that the first model in a Latitude series ([A-Z][0-9]00) was
to be avoided.  The D600s have been pretty good, unlike the C600 and C800
series.  Having said that, I still have a personal Latitude CS (PII
400MHz, 368 MB RAM, Magnesium top) that still is running after 6 years
despite several trips by plane, train and car as well as daily commuting
for its first two years.

Inspirons are tougher and heavier than Latitudes.  Dell changes the 
technology of the Inspirons less often, if I remember correctly, and 
focuses on building a laptop that works rather than a laptop that has the 
latest technology.  Latitude technology changes more frequently, and some 
of the Latitude models are junky.
> I use a Dell laptop at work (D600), everyone does as it's the company 
> standard instead of providing desktops, and it's also performing well 
> after a year of solid use. It travels on the commuter route in my 
> unpadded rucksack a lot.

My D600 is nearing the end of its 3-year warranty and has not had a single 
repair, despite daily commuting by bus and car in my rucksack.  In 
contracts, my C600 had 5 repairs in the first 6 months of usage.  My CSx 
has gone 6 years without any repairs (*knocks wood*), which is good since 
it no longer has a warranty.
> just my 2p
> /Robert

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