The Truthiness About George W. Bush

Chris Devers cdevers at
Thu May 4 00:47:18 BST 2006

On Thu, 4 May 2006, danny staple wrote:

> On Youtube: "This video has been removed due to copyright 
> infringement." - Dang, even watching the US Pres being made a monkey 
> of a guy 8 feet from has fallen to the evils of IPO and DRM!

Odd. It was on C-SPAN, which as I recall the US cable companies agreed 
to offer for free as a public service, given the job of providing 
around the clock coverage of what's going on in Congress and the rest 
of the US government. 

I'm a little surprised that they aren't providing archival material -- 
for this and just in general -- on their site. But then I guess they 
don't have the budget for the bandwidth for that. Hm.

Ah, so apparently what the source material could well be interpreted as 
being in the public domain, they put their logo on their broadcast of 
it, and by so doing claim that it becomes their property, and whether or 
not this is a correct interpretation of law, they vigorously defend it. 


Chris Devers

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