Damon Davison damon.davison at
Mon May 15 16:46:54 BST 2006

Dirk Koopman wrote:
> I suppose what I am asking is: is it worth the money?
I really prefer "free". ;)
> The problem one of my employer's has is that he is looking for something
> that customers can insert tickets on, tracks the time to fix, has
> contact info and stuff + some way of sharing random textual info. If it
> has some CRM like facilities that would be a bonus. It should not
> require a support contract to either install or run. 
WebRT does all that, and more (or less, depending on how you want to
configure it.)
> Any suggestions, free or otherwise, gratefully received. Perl would nice
> but not essential.
I have it running using Perl and Mason, and it's quite responsive. I
haven't actually needed to change anything on it, so the fact that it's
Perl hasn't played such a huge role, but just knowing that I *could*...


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