Audio file editing software/skills

Andy Wardley abw at
Wed Jun 14 19:32:26 BST 2006

Jess Robinson wrote:
> I have a piece of self-recorded audio, (of a talk), that I'd like to 
> remove some clicks/crackles from.. Has anyone got any software 
> recommendations or appropriate advice?

I'm assuming you're looking for something free/open or cheap?  Have a 
look here.

Denoising is a fairly specialised task.  Look for something that 
specifically does it or has DSP filters available to do it.  Be prepared 
to spend some time playing with the settings to find something that 
works well without flurbling[*] the voice.

Depending on what kind of clicks and crackles they are, you may also be 
able to improve it by filtering through a graphic equaliser or 
parametric equaliser.  Find the frequency of the clicks/crackle and 
notch them out.  It's a simpler approach, but the problem is that most 
crackles and clicks appear between 1 and 4KHz which is where your voice 
range will be.  Kill too much crackle and you lose the voice too.

Good luck

[*] turn the denoiser up full to hear what vocal flurbling sounds like. 
It's generally something to be avoided.

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