Jonathan Peterson JPeterson at
Fri Jun 16 14:06:01 BST 2006

> I've just had someone from Newsnight on the phone. They're doing a 
> piece tonight about Bill Gates stepping back from Microsoft and they 
> want someone from the Linux world to "slag off Microsoft a bit".

Ah yes - get your opinion, then find an expert to support it. I was 
talking to an engineer last weekend who did a number of interviews about 
hurricane Katrina, saying, basically, that the New Orlean flood defences 
were pretty decent - not as good as London or cities in Holland, but on a 
par with the most other modern flood-prone cities in the world etc. etc.

Newsnight then asked him to do an interview, and after repeatedly asking 
him point blank to citicise the New Orleans defences as inadequate and 
backward, and after him refusing, they eventually chucked out all but a 
few comments and found someone else to gloat over the wrecked American 
city I mean provided hard hitting criticism of US engineering 

Yay for the meeja.


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