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Dave Cross dave at
Mon Jul 3 09:04:14 BST 2006

Quoting Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <miyagawa at>:

> Hi,
> On 6/30/06, Dave Cross <dave at> wrote:
>> Much better. Cheers.
>> Now I just need how to convince Plagger to a) include a reasonable url
>> for the feed and b) not strip out all internal markup from the items.
> Publish::Planet uses HTML::Scrubber to strip out script and style tags
> for security and design reasons. What markup do you specifically
> preserve?
> Well, with r1051 (which I just checked in right now :)) in svn you can
> write something like:
>  - module: Publish::Planet
>    config:
>      scrubber:
>        default:
>          style: 1
> to allow "style" attributes in any tag, which is not allowed by default.
> See source and perldoc HTML::Scrubber for the default setup.

Sorry, I was slightly unclear about the problem. Publish::Planet is  
doing the right thing. The articles published on my planet site are  
fine. The problem is with the rss/atom files that are produced by  

Compare any of the items from with the  
same items in the RSS feed at and you'll see that all  
of the HTML markup in the items is missing from the RSS version. I'm  
probably just missing a flag on my Publish::Feed config settings.

If it helps, you can see my config at



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