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Greg McCarroll greg at
Fri Jul 7 18:18:10 BST 2006

On 7 Jul 2006, at 17:42, John Costello wrote:

> re titled "Secretary" (which
> shouldn't bring to mind Maggie Gyllenhaal but does), but the head  
> of the
> Environmental Protection Agency holds the title of "Administrator"

it was James Imhoffe i believe, OK-R. however it could have just been  
a hoax
that he had anything to do with the environment as i saw it on the daily
show. i'm not even confident he is a senator.

David Asman: Here’s Time magazine: Be worried. Be very worried. No  
doubt that there’s global warming, catastrophic global warming and no  
doubt that it’s man made.
James Imhoffe: It’s a hoax.
Asman: A total hoax?
Imhoffe: Total hoax. It’s an outrageous lie and they know it.
Asman: (voiceover) Senator James Imhoffe is chairman of the  
Environment and Public Works Committee

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