the "no good Perl jobs"/"no good Perl programmers" myth

Uri Guttman uri at
Sun Aug 6 03:38:03 BST 2006

>>>>> "PC" == Peter Corlett <abuse at> writes:

  PC> On 5 Aug 2006, at 17:40, Uri Guttman wrote:
  >> [...] getting you brits to move
  >> over here is problematic (though i did get a german and a canadian to
  >> move to nyc!).

  PC> Oh, now that one's easy. H1B appears to be code for "fuck this
  PC> employee over", so anybody who is not completely wet behind the ears
  PC> will give it a wide berth unless the deal is astoundingly better than
  PC> what's on offer locally. And, well, London is still where it's at,
  PC> even if it is a bit naff at the moment. I moved from Oop North, and
  PC> you should see how grim it is there :)

  PC> Short of a seven figure sum being paid into my bank account as a
  PC> golden hello, I'm not sure I would ever consider moving to the USA.

well, the german didn't get an h1b yet but they will get him one in
october. he first moved to london for 2 weeks and then to nyc under a 90
day 'training program' visa. he just moved back to london until
october. but he is young and loved the opportunity to move to nyc and
get paid well for it (not 7 figures!). and i stole him from grad school
so the deal was astoundingly better than what he had! neither side is
complaining to me about the match so i done ok!

and what is Oop north?


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