the "no good Perl jobs"/"no good Perl programmers" myth

Paul Johnson paul at
Fri Aug 11 13:23:58 BST 2006

On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 11:59:41AM +0100, Nicholas Clark wrote:

> I'm not going to express opinions on a public forum archived in perpetuity.
> Heck, I'm probably not even going to express them in e-mail, given that
> e-mail can be forwarded.

You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not
mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything
you do say may be given in evidence.

> [Regard all sent e-mail as potentially public. Experience has taught me that
> this is the safest way.]

$ ln -s ~/irclogs/rhizomatic/\ /var/www

> PS Sundevil BRLO CDMA JUWTF diwn Israel MD5 9705 Samford Road War on
>    Terrorism ANC Verisign Peking White Water Craig Livingstone interception

Are we yet past the stage where every film needs helicopters circling around
to demonstrate surround sound?

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