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Matt S Trout dbix-class at
Thu Oct 12 02:11:57 BST 2006

Matt S Trout wrote:
> If you don't care about that, please feel free to stick to development 
> and I'll happily volunteer to take over the release management so the 
> people trying to make a living off perl development and deployment 
> aren't disadvantaged, because I'm one of them and I have better things 
> to do than rewrite tests because a bugfix blows away the installability 
> of perfectly functional modules.

Let me clarify that.

If there's a bug in a Test::* module, I'd love to see it fixed. But if it 
breaks a test suite that is perfectly useful in terms of testing the module in 
question so far as its' users and developers are concerned, it shouldn't 
happen in a minor, lightly-announced point release.

I've talked half a dozen users round on basis of "yes we know about it, you're 
ok to force it".

How many didn't bother, went "perl is shit, its libraries can't even pass 
their own tests" and walked away? I don't know. I'd really prefer to never 
need to find out. But I remember talking to you (chromatic) at YAPC and you 
complimenting the team on how much easier Catalyst is to install than it used 
to be. I feel a little cheated now.

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