SOAP::Lite UTF-8

Stephen Collyer scollyer at
Mon Oct 23 19:15:13 BST 2006

Nigel Rantor wrote:

>> Is that what you're referring to ? In this case, stripping the
>> UTF-8 flag seems to make no difference.
> Nope, I believe that is the PerlIO layer complaining because it didn't 
> think it was going to be outputting wide characters.

Right. But it's not clear to me why it's not handled auto-magically.

> I thought that saying;
> use open ':utf8';
> should have solved that problem, but it didn't.

As far as I understand it (which may not be far enough)
that will only affect fds returned by "open" and similar
calls, rather than "socket".

> However saying;
> use encoding ':utf8';
> does.

If that fixes it for you, then I'm pretty surprised as AFAIK
that merely relates to the script encoding. Maybe I'm behind
the times. (It's less than useful for me - seems to cause another


Stephen Collyer
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