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Thu Nov 2 13:55:58 GMT 2006

Dirk Koopman wrote:
> I am just in the process of evaluating various IMAP servers and I am
> trying to use imapsync, a perl app, but it seems to use vast amounts of
> cpu and doesn't do what it says on the tin, viz: syncronise mailboxes.
> It copies OKish, but duplicates any messages that it already has sent.
> What I actually need is a reliable "copy the contents of this user's
> (huge amount of) mail, spread over several 10's of folders on one IMAP
> server onto another (empty) one". If it actually syncronises as well (a
> la rsync) that would be a bonus. 
> Any suggestions?

  Please excuse me for starting *so* basic.

  It seems that your problem is sysadmin stuff: copy a user's imap mail
folders from one place to another.

  All the times I needed to do this kind of stuff, I used some ackward
combination of tar, gzip, scp, ssh and perl.

  I think this would work better for you than a "tool" that "copy (imap)
files and folders".

  Just my two pence.
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