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Dean Wilson dwilson at
Mon Nov 20 13:12:12 GMT 2006

On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 12:53:03PM +0000, David Dorward wrote:
> > Can you do anything fun and interesting with Office?

More fun than useful, clippy is available through VBA (and so
Win32::OLE), add a little perl script that looked for "clippy events",
send them over the network and use him to display the human entered
response and you had a great April 1st.

The difficult bit was getting the network connector installed.

Not that I ever did this.

On the useful side I've plugged MBSA scan results in to monthly Excel
spreadsheets to show how the companies incident remediation was
improving over time. "Look Mr Auditor, we've reduced the number of unique
vulnerabilities down to 20 and cut the time before patching by 2 whole
days." Pretty niche but useful to them.

I've used Excel as a GUI a couple of times, a lot of office staff just feel
comfortable using it.

PS I have no interest in working with Perl and VBA again.
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