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Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed Apr 4 13:10:34 BST 2007

On 4 Apr 2007, at 12:09, Ovid wrote:
>> American girlfriend. Got to JFK and customs asked "have you had an
>> drug-related convictions". He'd had a caution for smoking weed in the
>> park so he said "not really". Bad move. Even though he has no
>> convictions they can't actually verify that - so if there's a hint of
>> doubt they behave as if you're a master criminal. Ten hours later he
>> was back in the UK. No savings, no Christmas with gf.
> Sheesh.  OK, so Customs is paranoid, but "not really" is a very stupid
> answer (no offense to your friend).

Indeed. He was nervous, young and naive.

> I have one friend who used to be a member of the Communist party here
> in the UK.  Then he lived behind the Iron Curtain for a while.   
> When he
> moved back he immediately resigned his membership in the Communist
> party, but always answers "no" to the Customs question regarding
> whether or not he's ever been a member of the Communist party.
> Because, you know, freedom of belief really isn't tolerated in my home
> country (and being paranoid, I even obscured some details above.  What
> a loon).

I always wonder what happens if you say yes. I imagine them putting  
you in quarantine so you don't infect anyone with your dangerous  
pinko ideas until they can summon the specially hardened operatives  
to deal with you.

Last time I flew to SF I picked up a copy of The Man in the High  
Castle to read on the plane. The cover of the UK edition has a Stars  
and Bars where the stars are actually little Swastikas. I chickened  
out of taking that through US customs I'm ashamed to say. Left it on  
the plane.

Andy Armstrong,

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