[OT] Hotel suggestions for downtown London

Elizabeth Mattijsen liz at dijkmat.nl
Thu Apr 26 15:22:14 BST 2007

At 3:20 PM +0100 4/26/07, Nicholas Clark wrote:
>On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 08:05:13AM -0500, Steve Peters wrote:
>>  So, does anyone have any hotel suggestions for affordable places downtown?
>>  Near a tube station certainly is preferable, but otherwise we're not to
>>  picky considering the beating we're expecting in exchange rates.
>Gosh. It isn't actually a FAQ yet:
>   http://london.pm.org/about/faq.html
>The usual answer given isn't actually "downtown" (not that such a term
>strictly exists in London) is the Black Lion Guest house:
>   http://www.blacklionguesthouse.com/guesthouse/index.htm
>although I believe that there's at least one relatively reasonable hotel
>someone else has actually stayed in and tends to recommend.
>I also noted that on IRC Rafael recommended bookings.com. At first, I assumed
>that he was trying to recruit you. :-)

That would be booking.com (drop the "s").

I think they're still recruiting at Booking.COM, particularly in the 
Cambridge area   ;-)


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