Perl Books

Nic Gibson nicg at
Mon Apr 30 11:15:07 BST 2007


I seem to have managed to start teaching perl for Learning Tree.   
Now, I'm looking at the stack of books I'm taking into the Intro to  
Perl course and wondering if I should take any others. This is a  
course that is ostensibly for people who know how to program but  
don't know perl. Now, the last course I taught actually had 7 people  
with extensive sysadmin experience but no programming background.

So, I'm wondering what other folks might consider essential perl  
books. I've got this lot in the pile right now:

	Programming Perl
	Perl Cookbook
	Mastering Regular Expressions
	Perl Best Practices

and I throw in a mod_perl book as well.

The course covers up to (but not really including) object orientation  
so I haven't bothered with anything really OO based. It also doesn't  
cover DBI although I gave a DBI example last time because a student  

Does anyone have any other book suggestions?



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