heretical dim sum cat herding

Kake L Pugh kake at
Wed May 2 12:03:32 BST 2007

Kake L Pugh <kake at> writes:
>> You missed my suggestion of Chuen Cheng Ku:

On Tue 01 May 2007, Piers Cawley <pdcawley at> wrote:
> It's jolly good. At least as good as the New World with a different
> (possibly wider) selection of dishes.

We liked it too!,_W1D_6PN

I suppose it's too soon for another dim sum emergency, isn't it...

> I tended to go to the New World on my last London contract because
> it was nearer to the client in Soho square, not because it was the
> ne plus ultra of trolley dim sum places.

Hm, are there any other trolley places in London?  I agree it'd be nice
to wean ourselves off dependence on the New World, if only so Nik doesn't
have to keep warning us about cockroaches in the crispy seaweed :)


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