Management Training

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Thu May 3 12:59:08 BST 2007

> So they've said I can go on some kind of managery training course.  Has
> anybody got any recommendations of a course that's worthwhile?  Or
> anti-recommendations of a course that's a waste of time?

Depends how hard-core you want to take this whole thing and whether you want
to have a seriously managerially upwards focussed career.

I did an MBA at London Business School which was all of challenging
(especially in non-academic skills), highly stressful, and personally
rewarding - but it was aimed at more upper management style issues than line
management ones... although everything got covered to some extent. They had
some seriously bright people teaching there and you did get the bleeding
edge of strategic/financial training depending on the electives you chose.

Can't really recommend any line manager style courses although I hold
Learning Tree courses in reasonably high regard for technical training and I
know they do that sort of thing. I did my Prince2 practitioner there.

I would invite you to get a Learning Tree complete list of courses book
(they will be more happy than is healthy to add you to their mailing list if
you give them a ring) - and have a leaf through to get an idea of what sort
of courses you think would be beneficial.

Chris (who's studying Tantra - where everything is an invitation)

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