[OT] programming question

Andy Armstrong andy at hexten.net
Thu May 3 15:16:17 BST 2007

On 3 May 2007, at 14:08, Nicholas Clark wrote:
>> Bah, 13. I cheated on the perl.org mailserver question too :)
> Oops. there was a typo in that one. Now fixed. Not good.

I spotted that but assumed it was just something I hadn't heard of :)

> What's this "cheating" thing? It doesn't say that you can't stop to  
> look up
> the answers, do the test multiple times, or even try to hack the  
> system in
> other ways.

Yeah, but for my own amusement I decided to do it clean :)

Curiosity got the better of me on that one though.

> And whilst it was intended to be a little tricky (partly by being  
> obscure in
> places) I didn't realise how tricky it actually seems to be.

I like it.

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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